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Thursday, March 12, 2009


So tonight, I get a wild hair up my a$$ and decide to take my first stab at making baby food. Pears. Thought I would only use a little, but then realized I needed to steam more than what I did. Boy couldn't wait so I boobed him and then handed him over to Pappa so I could finish up. It really is super easy to make your own baby food. The only thing is that it can be a pain to make some every day so it's probably better to make a bunch and then freeze it. I however, don't have the trays to freeze yet, so I only made a little bit. So I think it came out ok - not as runny as I think it should've been. So I decide to try and feed it to Boy. Let me tell you - he was READY! Although he did make a funny face, he kept trying to grab my hand for more. :) So I guess he liked it! I probably should've put him in his high chair to feed him instead of leaving him in his Johnny Jump Up but oh well - here are some pics:

Here's a video of Daddy also feeding him pears - very exciting!

Mommies & Playdates

Can I say that I ♥ the Moms from my Mommy group?! They have been my absolute lifesaver since having my precious boy and I hope that as some of us return to work that we will be able to get together on the weekends and keep in touch as our wee ones grow! Last Sunday, Cathy & Anna hosted 'tea time' and invited us over. There were a handful of Moms and babes there and at one point the volume was like a playground! Ah, the sweet sounds of kiddies! Since Nicholas enjoys his exersaucer so much here, he got to try out Anna's! And here is the mini-hostess herself!

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