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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A New Bouncer

Yep - he finally wore out the hand-me-down bouncer seat we got from our fabulous neighbors before they moved. The fabric was starting to stretch so much that his butt was sinking lower and lower in the crevice and the back of the fabric started to feel like a sharp edge on his back. Before he was born, I was totally in the mindset of 'I want our boy to have everything new!' Ridiculous, I know now because you don't know what your kid will like or don't like. We received a swing that we registered for which I love, but the Boy doesn't. Who knew? The freebie hand-me-down bouncer seat we got he absolutely LOVED. I say he loved it because he spent much time in it without complaint and it became the one place I could put him without entertaining him in it. So, on his 18 week 'birthday', I headed to BRU and picked him up a new bouncer seat! Which he LOVES! Can't you tell?

ps- I've been messing with this damn blog trying to get the pictures JUST right and of course it doesn't publish the way it shows you in the preview window and of COURSE there's no easy way to adjust these things. WTF???? Is it too much to ask to have easy editing options for inserting photos and video?

Monday, February 23, 2009


It is truly AMAZING at how fast babies grow. Today Boy had his four month checkup. He is staying within his growth curve and is doing well! At birth, Boy was 6lbs 13oz and 19.25 inches long. Today he measured 24.5 inches and weighed in at 14lbs 5.7oz!

Milestones: He's now smiling all the time, laughing, cooing and 'talking'. He's able to grab and hold objects for a short period. He can stand if we help him and he has STRONG legs. He also has a grip that even his Pappa says can hurt. He's found his hand and tries to eat it constantly. He's also finally found his thumb and is sucking on it here and there.

Activities: He will lay on his back on his playmat and play with the objects that are dangling above his head. He'll play in his exersaucer, push buttons and slide the beads on the wire. In his high chair he spins his alphabet wheel.

I cannot believe that only four months ago this precious boy arrived and turned my world upside down!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Start of Laughter...

So E has been teaching our boy how to dance. Since our cub has such strong legs and tends to stand when supported - what better time to introduce him to groove to the tunes? Boy really likes it and just laughs and laughs with his Pappa so I've been trying to catch it on video for a few days and FINALLY I did! So here it is - a minute long video for your viewing and listening pleasure. By the way, have I said how cute I think our cub is??? :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Opposite Disposition

So... E and I are night owls. We're the 'party 'til dawn' types. As much as we love to stay home, we probably love to go out and party it up with friends at the clubs/bars or wherever the 'party' is a little bit more. Or so we USED to. So the other night we head over to a friend's house to celebrate his birthday of course bringing our newest little partier, right? WRONG!

We thought we'd give him his shower early to put him at ease, get him in his jammies and then take him over there. Thinking he'd just chill and fall asleep when it was time. We thought it was going to work somewhat and then he started getting fussy. Like crying. We tried hard calming him down - bouncing him, taking him outside in the cool air, shoving the boob at him but none of it worked for a little bit and then he just decided he'd take the boob. He ate for a bit and then fell asleep. So I thought, ok - cool. Put him in his bouncer (which we brought) and he'll sleep for at least an hour, right? WRONG!!!!

He woke up SCREAMING like he was in pain and at that point there was NOTHING that would settle him down. So after being there for a little less than three hours, we bailed. Which sucked because I was about to show up the peeps on Wii Fit! What a downer for us, especially my hubby - since it was his friend's birthday celebration.

So here I am thinking about it and realizing that it's just our luck to have a child who is not only a morning person but prefers to have his evenings at home (at least for now)! WTF??? I know it really is too early to tell what his disposition will be but man, oh man! For now - this is what we have to deal with.

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