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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A New Bouncer

Yep - he finally wore out the hand-me-down bouncer seat we got from our fabulous neighbors before they moved. The fabric was starting to stretch so much that his butt was sinking lower and lower in the crevice and the back of the fabric started to feel like a sharp edge on his back. Before he was born, I was totally in the mindset of 'I want our boy to have everything new!' Ridiculous, I know now because you don't know what your kid will like or don't like. We received a swing that we registered for which I love, but the Boy doesn't. Who knew? The freebie hand-me-down bouncer seat we got he absolutely LOVED. I say he loved it because he spent much time in it without complaint and it became the one place I could put him without entertaining him in it. So, on his 18 week 'birthday', I headed to BRU and picked him up a new bouncer seat! Which he LOVES! Can't you tell?

ps- I've been messing with this damn blog trying to get the pictures JUST right and of course it doesn't publish the way it shows you in the preview window and of COURSE there's no easy way to adjust these things. WTF???? Is it too much to ask to have easy editing options for inserting photos and video?

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Megan R. said... February 26, 2009 at 7:29 PM  

I LOVE that bouncer! So cute! I can't really buy any new baby stuff for C cause he is too close to the weight limit on all of it. Sigh.

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