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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays!

So I finally made the appointment. Yep, the one where I'm supposed to get Cub's one-year photos? Oh, so I'm two months behind and decided, "Let's cram in a family photo and holiday photos too"! WTF was I thinking? We went to the Picture People. This is only our second time. The first time we went there, the girl who did Cub's photos was AWESOME and the pics I thought came out super adorable! When I called hoping to get the same girl, I was informed she no longer worked there! So they gave me an "experienced" photographer this time. Let me just say - I have no idea where her experience came from but it wasn't from posing or taking pictures.

We started off with our "family" photos and was so focused on Cub, she didn't even make note that my necklace clasp was turned around or take note of my head position/body position and whether or not me or my husband were smiling. She kept trying to get him to smile which did not work.

I finally told her it really didn't matter if his hand was in front of his face, if she waited for him to put it down she'd never get a pic! FINALLY she started snapping photos. I was NOT THRILLED with ANY of our family photos. Even Cub's pics were so-so. She had no imagination, offered props but never brought them out and only used two backgrounds the whole time. Some dark colored one and a white background.

THANK GOD I brought my own props for us and Cub or I would have been a sobbing, furious mess. Cub's pics came out OK - he's too cute to NOT want to buy any, but they weren't spectacular. I was very disappointed but at least we got these cute ones, right?

The original was a full color photo - I decided I would test out my amazing Photoshop skills on this one. What do you think?

... and here's his innocent, "I swear I was good!" look. :)

2 Oohs & Ahhs...:

Sara A Broers said... December 23, 2009 at 7:02 PM  

These pictures are absolutely adorable! I LOVE the one of him in the sled.

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