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Friday, June 18, 2010

He said... WHAT???

The other day I was so exhausted and seriously needed a rest. Cubby may have gone down, but he had a bit of energy and Pappa Bear was headed out the door. So I asked him to put the gate in the hallway & close most of the doors so if Cubby wanted to get up, he could only be in my room or walk over to his room.

I closed my eyes to try and nap but woke up every few minutes hearing Cubby getting into things, making sure he was ok and back to closing my eyes. All of a sudden I feel a push against the mattress and I hear Cubby... "mooo mooo" in this kind of sing songy tone (which is what it sounded like to me) and holding out his arms to me. Keep in mind, I'm half asleep and I think he wants to be picked up to come into the bed with me.

Then he says it again, this time shoving his hands in my face and I shoot straight up out of my grogginess as I realize he said "Pooo Pooo" because I also smell it. On his hands. Ewww! He then proceeds to put his hand in the side of his diaper and I grab him and haul ass to his changing table.

This time I ask "Did you go poo poo?" He nods yes. Smiles. Lays right down to let me change him. *sigh*

Thinking it's time to maybe start potty training?

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