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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yep, that's right. We've been MIA. Or at least I have been in updating and posting on Cubby's blog here for you folks.

I'm working on getting some pics together to show what we've been up to - but for now, a little summary:

Talking: Cubby is talking up a STORM! He is a little parrot so Mamma Bear now has to watch her potty mouth. He knows many words (too many to list) but the ones he does regularly is "hep!" (help), "tank you" (thank you), "elcom" (you're welcome), "pease" (please), "no", "dada", "mama", "mom", "goke" (milk), "cul" (popsicle), "ont" (want), "go". He can put words together for short sentences like "Mom, ont goke", "hep pease", "Dada go?"

Swimming: I think enrolling him into swim at 8/9 months has paid off. This summer we took swim lessons up the kazoo. Too many for Mamma & Pappa Bear, but by the end of it all - Cubby was putting his face in the water on his own and holding his breath under the water! He was also jumping into the water with assistance and just loved hand-walking on his belly in the shallow side of the water (pics to come later). Then, while swimming at a friend's house and watching their four year old jump into the pool, Cubby thought he'd give it a try! UNASSISTED! He did a GREAT job but Mamma Bear's heart was pounding a kajillion miles a minute. Oh boy. Now we HAVE to keep a real close eye on him near water.

Family: We visit grandma once a week for dinner and he just LOVES her! It's so nice that he sees and recognizes her and the rest of my family as well. He is definitely the spoiled munchkin of the family (for now) and he's enjoying every minute of it!

I can't wait to show you all the things he's been doing! 

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