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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Letter to Cub: Mother's Day 2011

Dear Cubby,

You are two and a half years old on this glorious Mother's Day. Pappa Bear got you out of your crib this morning and when you came in to see me, you told me to "hold on" and left the room. When you came back, you had a card in your hand, you closed the door and climbed into bed with me while I opened the card. You were so excited to show me the monkey on the inside of the card!

Moments like this just warm my heart and make me feel so blessed to have you in my life. This morning you were so cooperative as we rushed to get ready and meet Grandma for breakfast. While at breakfast, you asked me for "two moneys" (two quarters) so you could play the claw machine. You are learning so much, so fast!

I'm so glad that I am your mom and you are my son. Thank you for being you, for keeping me on my toes and for changing my world. I love you.


Mamma Bear

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