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Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day!

This year it was a very small celebration. Pappa Bear, Cubby, Uncle D, his girlfriend S, Grandma and of course myself. Grandma made homemade french fries, burgers, dogs, ribs and a salad. Let's just say we were overstuffed.

My brother, mother and I are very much closet pyromaniacs (I use that term very loosely). We love to light up things and watch 'em burn! ♪ Burn, baby burn... disco inferno... ♫ Wait, where was I... ? Oh yes, back to the Fourth of July... Between my mother and I we spent about $200 on fireworks. This year, I really wanted Cubby to try his first sparkler. Now, I don't recommend this at all to other parents but because I know how overly cautious Cubby is AND the fact I was going to be right there, I didn't worry too much.

At first, he held onto the sparkler and as I was holding his wrist waving it around for him, he decided he wanted no part of it... and I was disappointed. How can MY Cubby NOT want to light up something? Oh well. The show MUST GO ON!!!

Before we start lighting off fireworks, we organize our goods. We start off with smaller things like Ground Blooms, Piccolo Pete's, interspersed with smaller fountains and then work our way up to Mad Dogs, American Spirit and what not. This year's finale was The Molten Pot. I was impressed! New this year and a $20 show piece, I think it was worth every penny. Again, here I am distracted - this isn't what this post is about!

During our spectacular show, Grandma continued to try and give Cubby a sparkler. FINALLY, he caught on! Yay! Only a Mamma Bear can be so proud! Here's a clip:

Can't wait for next year, when we show him how to properly light a firework himself... he he he...

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